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Kobe Bryant with Lyndsay De paul at UCI
Kobe Bryant with UCI swimmers 10/08
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Lyndsay De Paul 2009
Lyndsay "09"


Oly Trials Lyndsay De Paul image
Attending USC Beginning, January 2009. More...

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I’m Lyndsay DePaul and welcome

to my Swimming website!

 You are invited to search around and share in some memories and joy and can participate in sharing any of your pictures from any swim meet where you have swam with me! So, enjoy the site and please introduce yourself to me should our paths cross lane-lines and starting blocks!

 On this site, I will share a little about some of my background and accomplishments in the world of swimming, but please take away from this site that, aside from these personal reflections, I am equally interested in you and showing my support for your hard work and dedication as well. I would feel honored if I could know you and share your smile on my site, in one of my galleries I refer to as “Friends Reflections”.

 I am excited to share with you that I am a member of the 2009 US National Swim Team and will also represent the United States in the 2009 US World University Games beginning July 5th in Serbia! It looks like I will be swimming the 200 Meter Butterfly and the 400 Individual Medley at both venues, along with perhaps some relays. I can use all the support that you can throw at me, so please don’t be shy. I will promise you that I will work harder than I ever have to bring the best performances for the United States, and for the Sport of Swimming which I love so much.

 Some of you know that I am a very, very stubborn person that holds work ethic and integrity to the absolute highest regard. I have the utmost respect for all of my teammates, both past and present, and love every one of them. I am willing to go to any extreme to put on my best support for them regardless of adversity. I am also a fun-loving and passionate person that is open about my feelings for others.

 Swimming at the highest level is not so much of a goal for me as it been more of an interpersonal expression of attitude, yet with a sort of artistry unleashed in a form of physical stamina and strength fueled primarily by stubborn mental perseverance. The sport of swimming is as enduring as it is ever-challenging, ever-demanding and ever-evolving from lows to highs and back to forward and flip-turning back again. If you can deal with the tireless effort and master this sport, then the rest of life will never seem to be quite so daunting.

 I want to encourage you to take this mental perspective with you to the practices each day. Focus on building yourself every day. Set your expectations to make this practice the best one you ever had. Know, beyond a doubt, that the more effort you put out, the more you can put out again, and again. Lastly, I want mostly to know you and share in your successes. And, I don’t care how miniscule you may think they may be. After all, I am a collegiate with the highest expectations of myself, but at the same time, I am truly a “Hannah Montana” fun-loving, Disneyland-going kinda girl at heart!